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Training and development ,or “learning and development” as many refer to it now 

is one of the most important aspects of our lives and our work. (Many people view “training”

as an activity that produces the result or outcome of “learning” — and learning is typically viewed as new knowledge, skills and competencies or abilities.) In our culture, we highly value learning. Yet, despite our having attended many years of schooling, many of us have no idea how to carefully design an approach to training and development.

This topic in the Library provides an extensive range of information about training and development,

including to depict how the many aspects of training and development relate to each other. Also,

this topic explains how training and development can be used, informally or formally, to meet the nature

and needs of the companies


Key certified training courses :


  • Diploma in Professional Sales Skills                   ( 43 parts)  3 days  “for each part” ,  15 training hours – “for each part”                                                                                                                        compatible with   KBI ( Canadian company )
  • The Influence Industry                                                2 days   10 training hours.
  • Genius service art                                                        3 days   15 training hours (Gained the name of  excellent  session in 2010 )
  • Supervisory skills                                                          2 days   10 training hours
  • Organizing Your work                                                  2 days   10 training hours
  • Identifying and analyzing the training needs          1 days   4 training hours
  • Excellence in customer service and collection       3 days  12 training hours ( compatible with  KBI )
  • Behavioral therapy skills for children                        1 days   5 training hours    (family workshop )



How to Designing Training Plans and Learning Objectives?

What learning objectives must be accomplished by learners in order to achieve the overall outcomes, and what activities must be undertaken by trainers and learners to accomplish those objectives? The integration of the overall outcomes, objectives and activities and also how they will be evaluated comprise the design of the learning and development program. Learning objectives often are described in terms of new learning — new knowledge, skills and competencies.


How to Developing Training Activities and Materials ?

Now it’s important to get even more clear on what resources must be obtained and developed in order to undertake the activities to achieve the objectives. Resource might include certain expertise, facilities and technologies. Development might include several trainers and learners reviewing the design of the training to ensure it meets their nature and needs.



Evaluating Your Training Program

As trainers and learners participate in the program, evaluation should occur of the quality of the activities and the extent of achievement of the objectives. After the program, evaluation should occur to assess the extent of achievement of the overall goals of the program. Evaluation might focus on short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes.

 ( FOR) :

More than 10,000 young males and females in job qualification and training while working .