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Target Consultancy – Sales Training Project


It was a huge project , qualifying of  200 Saudi to work as sales employees in several major companies.

Companies committed to employ Saudi youth in sales gradually to become Saudis job as planned by

the Ministry of Labor and other government bodies . It is a national project .

Now who working as sales employee in companies have the necessary experiences to ensure sales targets according to companies’ plan . So how we have to convince companies by the process of replacement ? fresh Saudi qualified instead of a sales employee who has a great  experience ?

It is really a challenge… !

On the other hand how can we attract 200 young Saudi according to specific criteria , he also must pass three measuring  tests of three different specialization committees? …

It was not easy , But the social initiatives center  in Abdul Latif Jameel (BRJ) was able to contract with one of the largest academies in the world to train these young people to be the core of the project that everyone wishes to be continuous.

The contract with  KNOWLEDGE BROKER INTERNATIONAL  – KBI the Owner of  largest institutes specialized in sales PROFESSIONAL SALES ACADEMY  – PSA playing a large role in convincing many companies to take advantage from the program . It also had a major role in attracting a good group of Saudis youth for this program .

It was not easy , as the manager of the project by the Canadian company with the help of other advisers by BRJ ,we were able to apply  a set of creative ideas that contributed to attract these young people , we celebrated the graduation of 93% of them who have a wonderful jobs after taking experience from training  . after four years we still in contact with some of them


Kaled Al Kathiri  – 2011