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SEMA toolbox

People learn in different ways. Some prefer an instructor-led environment with hands-on role-plays,

while others have such time or geography constraints that a web-based solution is more practical. We understand. We offer a wide spectrum of solutions and delivery options to meet your needs. Mix and match, customize what we offer, or create new programs from scratch. We use current technology and the latest performance methodologies from our Thought Leaders.



Advantage solutions are for employees in all functions and at all levels. Perhaps you need a negotiation training solution for both sales people and the individual contributor who purchases goods to build your products. We can handle it all. Your needs inform our recommendations.



Instructor-led workshops. Experiential simulations. Role-plays. Weekly, live, web-based programs. And more. In short, we deliver learning the way you need it.


Performance Areas

We’re experts in the areas of Sales Performance, Leadership & Team Performance, and customer services – and have more than 99 solutions to help you succeed. for more information’s check the samples down . Click on an area of focus to view types of solutions and specific learning skills. Don’t see what you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.