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Sebai institute

The beginning was in 2001, Jeddah branch was trying hard to increase the number of students from167 to 250 students , There were several attempts by the marketing department at the Institute but they did not succeed .


During that period they appointed a new team to manage the marketing, led by “Khaled Alkatheri”

The marketing consultant studied the subject from all perspectives . the study showed many reasons for the unsuccessful previous marketing campaigns ,the most important reasons are: –


  • Improper timing of advertising campaigns .
  • The traditional means of advertising campaigns .
  • They did not addressed the target directly .
  • Lack of student’s culture about their future career .
  • The refusal of some society members to work in medical services .



  • We have develop an action plan to address these obstacles , the most important steps are :
  • Correcting the time and means of advertising .
  • Visit schools and hold meetings with students regarding the importance of future career .
  • Enhance working in medical services culture through educate campaigns directly in schools .
  • Selecting and visiting of 40 schools(20 boys secondary schools – 20 girls secondary schools ) after taking the required licenses with a specialist.
  • Increase the advertising campaigns in very famous newspapers and magazines like ( Saidaty , Ahlan wa-sahlan , Alnadi ……)


There was a fantastic teamwork led to major success, acceptance and registration of 519 students in one semester .


The work within one team and lading by experienced  is your real way to success , Please feel free to ask for marketing consulting whenever you need it.