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Behavioral Therapy Skills

When dealing with children ,many of the educators , teachers and other educational staff find that they are living disorders and psychological problems , Most children can not continue their education and move on smoothly some of them gets worse while growing up , This session will reveal many secrets through early detection of wrong behaviors and treat the negative attitude resulting from these behaviors. For the first time you’ll learn the most important technique for the treatment of any bad behavior or trend , This session is an effective workshop in which you will learn the three theories of the trainer so that you will be the first time to learn how to practice these theories and apply them.

Many of the parents and most educators do not know that all children’s behaviors are (simulated) to those around him . they may don’t  think that children with these behaviors have growing up with wrong trend or attitude toward around them ,either towards the family or school as a result of certain circumstances in life . Also mistakes made ​​by parents or educators, have a role in exacerbating behavioral problems for children . In this session we will review much of what mentioned above, we also will look to many treatment means .

Course Topics :

  • Acceptance elements of human nature .
  • Keys of magnetic personality
  • Magnetic Communications circle .
  • The theory of ethics.
  • How do you find behavioral defects .
  • Herchi theory regarding  human behavior .
  • How to deal with behavioral problems and defects . (behavior and attitude )
  • Explore the your child and develop his skills .
  • Strategies to correct the bad behavior and attitude
  • Attitude measurement test



 solution :

training course


This workshop For :

This course is designed for parents, educators and instructors who wish to reveal the secrets of effective  education and address the wrong behaviors of their children or others and change the negative attitudes.



16- training hours .


Training Tools :

•             Application .

•             Related Videos .

•             Group exercises .

•             Individual exercises .

•             Public debate.


Training style :

•             Short lectures  35%

•             Workshops.   65%