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S.E.M.A Program

Research shows that 85% of all training has zero impact on job performance. Advantage

decided to help its clients beat those odds.

Our solution is S.E.M.A.  system. We guarantee that when you implement SEMA Development Qualifications   system, your organization will achieve documented business results as well as improved job performance. And for the first time, you will be able to measure the business impact of training – solid proof of its value to your organization.

SEMA Development Qualifications   is the result of our strategic alliance with “Target Consultancy ” ,by active consultants and trainers. a world-renowned authority on training effectiveness and evaluation. It is based on more than 20 years of experience and practice, and have been proven with leading organizations. Limited Brands, medical centers , hotels , Healthcare , and many others.

Effort = Impact= Results. Finally!

SEMA Development Qualifications   system:

  • SEMA is competency based Development Qualifications that aim to complement the individual’s role at work by developing specific job-competences.
  • SEMA is a solution that is expertly designed to meet the needs of the workforce development efforts across all sectors.
  • SEMA Qualifications is targeted towards Leaders, Managers, staff members, and individuals.
  • SEMA is designed to fit all organization’s budget by taking more with less with full flexibility and adaptability.





SEMA Development Qualifications

  • designed with a focus on developing the core (basic) foundation of job-related competencies, with integrated components that lead targeted results.
  • SEMA Development Qualifications is like building a puzzle – In a basic puzzle one is intended to piece together objects (puzzle pieces) in a logical way in order to come up with the desired shape, picture, or solution.
  • We collected a set of training units and placed them together correctly to create a ‘puzzle’ that is the right for the job. The training units are the ‘puzzle pieces’ .
  • SEMA Development Qualifications divided into 6 different skills areas, every set of Qualifications consists of 5 training units that all together aims to develop specific job-competencies.
  • Each training unit is self-contained, and they are different sizes – in general the higher the level, the larger the unit – because topics at a higher level cover more ground and expect greater understanding, knowledge and skills.
  • SEMA Development Qualifications enables you to align individual’s performance with your values and strategy.
  • SEMA will effectively maximize your ROI and leverage your training budget by taking more with less.
  • SEMA Helps the organizations to provide external recognition of quality and commitment to developing employees.
  • SEMA Bringing in best (state of the art) practices of training and development solutions.
  • SEMA is a Competency based training that offer trusted routes to gain further qualifications.
  • SEMA could be utilized as a source of increased motivation for your employees.
  • SEMA will provide the participants with consistent career advice.
  • SEMA meets business needs through maximum flexibility as we can develop the final outlines with you to deliver exactly the training you want, and the level you need, within the time frame you decide.




SEMA Development Qualifications:

  • Professional Development Qualifications.
  • Extraordinary Customer Service Qualifications .
  • Professional Selling Qualifications .
  • Sales Management Qualifications.
  • Management & Leadership Development Qualifications.
  • Human Resources Management Qualifications.
  • Platinum Qualifications.


this program developed by TARGET CONSULTANCY