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Naqaba Development Program




The objective – cars:

Rewrite internal work environment culture in the “NAQABA” and consolidation among employees and customers, and identify  training needs necessary for continued development.

Action Plan

Part of the study to be: –

  • Simple and uncomplicated.
  • Clear and free from ambiguity.
  • Contain elements that can be implemented in the work, or the limited resources available.
  • Contain a variety of methods: the resources required, timing.

The Phases of the study:

1 – First phase: the stage of development of the overall vision and goal of the project.

2 – Phase II: the collect the information and identification of needs.

3 – The third phase: the formulation of culture of the organization and documentation of evidence and systematic work.

4 – Fourth stage: the stage of implementation, development and ongoing training.