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we provides the resources for your leaders and employees everywhere in the

gulf to work smarter, sell more effectively, execute more completely, lead better,

and change faster to get stronger business results.


Here are 5 reasons “khaled” can absolutely transform

 the way your people learn and perform:

  1. We don’t just training your staff, we instill in them a culture with skills
  2. short time with big results
  3. You don’t need what might work; you need what will work.   :

We’ve got the goods. We give you a clear point of view about what to do next, how to do it, and why it matters. Our solutions build leadership, sales, and business acumen skills; create consistency; achieve results. We walk the talk worldwide. And we promise to keep evolving just like you do.

4. Our learning design keeps your people in mind.       :

We have nothing but respect for your smart people. So we create simulations where they can make decisions risk-free. Visual maps that make intangibles familiar. Action learning that invites role-play of real-world challenges. Online knowledge that works with busy schedules. Sales training, sales management processes, leadership training,  we deliver what’s exactly right for your staff.

5. One-stop shopping.

Try this on for size: One-stop shopping where every idea you’ll ever need is at your fingertips. Solutions that are fully integrated with your existing processes instead of bolted on. Learning that creates true business impact, not just wishful thinking. Partners who have an intimate knowledge of your business culture and aren’t just faking it. Sound like a good fit with your needs? We’ve made it easy for our clients to work with us – because that’s when great things happen.


 Effort = Impact= Results. Finally!


We believe that the path from performance improvement to meaningful business impact is a straight line. No detours.

we actually created SEMA for results

SEMA Training Approach

Research & Development

Trainers and Facilitators

Learning Environment

As experienced practitioners we have a proven track record in designing and implementing training programs and workshops in accordance with client specifications.

SEMA bring a creative eye to the training contents whilst always keeping in mind the business focus of the client and the development needs of the participants

SEMA will be delivered by our Facilitators and Trainers that are experts in the training, adult

learning, and human resources development areas.

Father more, our facilitators  own the ability to implement and manage effective training styles and learning  environments, using appropriate

training aids and techniques.


People don’t learn when they are bored; SEMA’s different qualificationsare lively and out of the ordinary by offering new ways to present information and by encouragingthe participants to try new things. A sense of humor also exists to helpthe learning process along!