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Family Guidance

It seems that raising families gets more challenging all the time. The world is changing, and the job of parenting is becoming more complicated. There’s always new information about how to keep our children healthy and safe and help them grow up to be successful and happy adults. Every day we have to make difficult decisions and deal with many responsibilities. How do we do all this without getting overwhelmed? Some of us turn to drugs and alcohol. Sometimes we take our anxiety out on our partners or our kids. Sometimes families fall apart, not because we don’t love each other, but just because we don’t know the best way to deal with problems. We need to know more about the best ways to show love, respect and appreciation for our spouses and children. We also have to understand ourselves better and learn to take care of our own needs. The truth is that families take work – but for every ounce of effort you invest in your family, the results will be amazing