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Working  in the health sector is a great challenge for investors , the challenge is more in

providing the qualified , trained and the most stable staff . especially medical jobs and those

working to service patients starting from reception staff , employees  even the nurses and the

rest of the staff.

The existence of Downey Medical Center in Abha, is an extraordinary challenge due to the fact

that Abha is prosperous city  but it is conservative and committed to customs and tradition ,

It was difficult to find a qualified employee  ( men or women ) qualified to work in the Services

Center (Reception – Support Services) the management of the center faced a lot of trouble because

of  repeated cases of non-career stability .

We were so happy and pride because they chose us as a consultants  to addresses this issue ,

this experience put us on the jeopardy, which means that we have to use different solutions

and different thought, and this is what happened .


We have been able to find tens of creative solutions and ideas , and made sure that we applied them carefully , the most important results was reduced the number of workers in the services section to less than 50% of the previous number with very high efforts .

Our solutions are based on the forked and open thinking  , this means finding a single solution for more than problem, as well as find a set of confirmed solutions. find the desired results first then thinking about solutions that contribute in achieving them . Working in Downey Medical Center project is extremely interesting and successful .