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Customers Services Guidance

Ipsum consultancy Company is one of the most well known examples  by applying the principles of customer advocacy and “service recovery”—principles that have become an integral part of ipsum operations.

to starting them own company,khaled & his partners spent close to 20 years in customer service working on service recovery for Different Company

According to ،khaled , “everyone makes mistakes, that’s human. But how do you solicit those mistakes and rectify them so that the story is now possibly better than if there were no mistake at all?”

the worst outcome of all is a situation where mistakes aren’t noticed and customers who experience poor service simply walk away without complaining and with no intention to return.

khaled points out that almost 70% of unhappy customers who decide to leave your business don’t write letters of complaint. Finding and/or soliciting complaints by being proactive is the key—according to international resarch, it’s an art Finding customers who have complaints (legitimate or exaggerated) provides the best opportunity to fix the problem, retain loyalty and maintain satisfaction. Positive stories about bad experiences are just as important, and occasionally far more important, than positive stories about good experiences—the latter are expected while the former are impressive, more memorable and more likely to get repeated.

“If your customer goes home mad,” , “it is not only too late, but they will tell many people THEIR STORY.” But if you can catch them and correct the error, “now they’re possibly telling YOUR STORY!”


Khaled Al katheri & Khalid Alharbi are working now to write new book to guide the companies how to improve them services.