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Bab Rezg Jameel “BRJ”

It was a great experience ,when Mohammed Jameel, chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Company

decided to adopt the training of 200 Saudi regarding sales . Consultative committee was configured

to select a company that will train this number and qualifying them for the labor market, a group of companies

provided their offers, But finally TARGET Consulting company had got this contract .

Target company is an exclusive agent of KBI Canadian company ,one of the most popular training companies

regarding sales and development of the work environment in the world , owned by Bill Jebson the most popular Canadian spokesman .

Khaled alkatheri was nominated as a general manager of the project by the executing company .

The project started , it’s goal was qualification of 200 young Saudi to work in sales , to reach this number , there were interviews to 3.000 youth as a minimum .

There were also medical checks , behavioral measurements and personality quizzes to make sure of their suitability for Sales .

The project has been achieved on time although there was the leakage of 17 young men but 187 young men were graduated


It’s good for me to meet a number of these graduates now in different administrative or leadership positions in major companies like : AlSwani company , Panda , Arabian Oud company ,  Basamah and others …..

This experience characterized by its leadership and its way to accept the nominations among large number of people , it is also characterized by the project management and control the quality  of the performance in general .



It’s really an experience which deserve the perpetuation