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Aqsaat – one of Alnaghi  group

Working in the field of credit need to be  careful with a constantly developing ,

this is the approach of Aqsaat company.

Aqsaat company seeks to develop their employees constantly and provide them the latest means

of following-up and communication with customers. The company does not want the traditional

training courses, therefore they asked support from Khaled al Katheri , training consultant, to achieve the workshop (Debt collection ) more than 24 trainees from various branches of the company were attended the session.

The workshop covered many of applications supported by the actual real situations that occur to any employee, contacting circle activated with each trainee through the program of self-measurement of communication .It was extraordinary two days- workshop .

Before the end of the program, they had showed their desire to repeat it again to another group and this is what happened , more than (30) trainees attended the second workshop , Quality director of the company visited the training site and chatted with everyone there .

Such as workshops are more effective and successful if implemented with high level of quality , this is what -the training consultant- Khaled Alkateri is seeking for .